Character Design
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The Forgotten City features 30 characters, each of which:

  • has an expansive branching dialogue tree (approximately 50 – 100 lines);
  • has a distinctive appearance and behaviour, as well as a home complete with documents and clutter adding depth to their backstory;
  • provides the player with quests, and/or new information which assists the player with their investigation;
  • is interconnected with the city’s other inhabitants, creating the impression of an authentic community; and 
  • reacts to the Dwarves’ Law in their own unique way, allowing for an exploration of the psycho-social effects of a draconian utopia.

What critics said:

"The whole town is one gigantic puzzle, its people the pieces, and your job is to assemble them and find out what’s going on."  Skyrim Mods Weekly

Dialogue sample: Dooley
Dooley is a tragic character: a destitute man with an intellectual disability, who is treated as a pariah by the city’s Jarl. Dooley, portrayed sympathetically and with tact by Steve White, and  based on a real person, has emerged as a breakout character since launch.

What users said:

“One thing that really got to me was Dooley ... he was the reason I couldn't walk away from the story. I felt a tragic sense of urgency for justice for him, it really made the game... human. It was truly a humbling experience."   Head213

“Dooley’s story was especially amazing, good job at pulling heartstrings.”   Spicy-T

“Dooley broke my heart.”   Masskiller
Dialogue Sample:
Vernon's "secret admirer"
Vernon's dialogue challenges the players expectations of a generic shopkeeper NPC; he begins with a cheesy greeting, which is cut short by a dark plot twist, and transitions into a real personal story...

What users said:

"I loved Vernon's story and how it panned out."  JohnnyG118

"Thank you for the representation! Vernon made my heart fuzzy. I was SO happy to see that he got a happy ending." FluffyRobi
Dialogue sample:
​The missing woman
The player must search the city for somebody who is going to commit - or has committed - a crime and break "the Dwarves' Law", which will trigger the destruction of the city. They are intrigued to learn about a woman who went missing in mysterious circumstances...

What users said: 

"Having to listen to the pleas of a certain plighted character and then leave them behind for the greater good was the most difficult choice I've ever made in a videogame.”  JohnnyG118

"Some of those decisions that had to be made was gut wrenching. Going into the jarls locked room and not doing what my heart compelled me to do was horrible. This was beautifully done and made me think more than any other mod I've played before.” Gunslinger6792
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