We’re a tiny indie video game studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

Modern Storyteller began as Nick Pearce’s one-man modding alias (“Modding / Modern Storyteller”). After creating a wildly successful mod, The Forgotten City, which racked up millions of downloads and became the first mod in history to win a national Writers’ Guild award, Nick handpicked a small team of industry veterans to form Modern Storyteller, the studio.

Modern Storyteller’s goal is to make games that engage heads and hearts at the same time, and fulfil the potential of video games to be the ultimate storytelling medium.



Nick Pearce

MANAGING director / founder

Nick is an award-winning writer and game developer whose career began with a passion project mod, The Forgotten City. Before developing games, Nick worked as a legal and strategy advisor to a multi-billion dollar tech company. ​

Alex Goss

Technical lead

Alex Goss is a veteran software engineer and game developer. Before joining Modern Storyteller, he was part of the team that created the award-winning Earthlight VR, a Virtual Reality space walk experience made in consultation with NASA.









John Eyre is a talented Environment Artist who has previously worked at Defiant Development on GOTY-award-winning titles like Hand of Fate 2.